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Public Hearing Notice
Town of Granville

The Planning Commission of the Town of Granville will hold a hearing on the
proposed 2019 Granville Town Plan on May 10, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Granville
Town Office.

The Planning Commission will accept comments at this Public Hearing. The
proposed Town Plan covers all lands within the Town of Granville. The full text of
the draft Town Plan and associated maps, as well as a Report summarizing
significant changes from the 2014 Town Plan, are available at the Granville Town
Clerk’s Office.

Granville’s Draft Town Plan section headings are as follows:
Economic Conditions
Natural Resources and Physical Conditions
Utilities, Facilities, and Services
Significant Cultural, Historic and Scenic Resources
Flood Resilience and Hazard Mitigation
Land Use
Regional Context
Granville Businesses List

Dated 4/15/2019
Granville Planning Commission