Granville Property Taxes

Read the questions and answers below. If you still have questions regarding making a tax payment, questions about your tax bill or if you have changed your mailing address, please contact Town Treasurer Kathy Werner at the Town Office (767-4403) Monday thru Thursday 9 am – 4 pm or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Payments:
(Written by Kathy Werner Town Clerk/Treasurer)

When are property taxes due?
At Town Meeting the town voted to pay taxes in four installments. The due dates for the 2021/22 fiscal year are: August 17, 2021, November 17, 2021, February 17, 2022, and May 17, 2022.

Can I pay the whole thing at once? Can I pay monthly or quarterly instead?
Answer: Yes! You may pay the entire bill at once or if it is easier to pay in smaller increments, we will accept your payments at any time of the year. Just make sure you meet the deadlines to avoid interest and penalty fees.

What if I can’t make payments by the installment due date?
Even if you make a partial payment it will save you some interest charges. We do accept partial payments. Any remaining balance on an installment will be subject to a 1 percent (1%) or fraction thereof for the first three months and thereafter one and one half percent per month (1 1/2%) per month or fraction of, from the due date of each installment.

Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
No, the town of Granville cannot accept credit cards of any kind.

What if I can’t pay all my taxes by May 10?
Any amount unpaid after May 10, will be subject to a one-time 8% penalty plus 1 percent (1%) or fraction thereof for the first three months and thereafter one and one half percent per month (1 1/2 %) of fraction of, from the last installment.

Does the Town accept payments that are postmarked by the due date?
Yes. Granville accepts the postmarked date if we can read it.

I would prefer to pay my tax bill in person. What if I can’t get to the office hours posted on the door?
This is a two part answer:

1. There is a drop box next to the office door (check and money orders only). You can drop your payment in the drop box 24 hours/day. A motion sensor light should come on as you approach the building if you come after dark.

2. Posted office hours say: “also by appointment”. You can reach me off hours (802-371-7224) and I will meet you within a reasonable scheduled time.